Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crazy Judges at the Olympics

First of all, why is Nellie Kim here? She should not be allowed to set foot in the arena, much less serve on the International Olympic Committee, FIG, or anything else. And yet there she was as the head D score judge. If you're wondering what she did, she admitted to cheating while judging the 1992 Olympics. Among other things, she awarded Svetlana Boginskaya's bars with a perfect 10.

Um, are the vault judges BLIND?! Apparently so, because McKayla Maroney's perfect vault during the team final was WORLDS better than any of Gabby's attempts. However, the judges scored Gabby's vault during the all around, on which she took several steps, within 3 tenths of McKayla's flawless one from TF. So in effect, if Gabby had stuck her vault the way McKayla stuck her, Gabby's vault would have received the same score as McKayla's highest scoring vault ever. RIDICULOUS.

To read more about the FUCKING CRAZY JUDGES, just go to gymtruthteller's site. I'm done.

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