Wednesday, August 1, 2012

London 2012 Women's All Around Predictions

The fix is clearly in for a Gabby Douglas win, and you know despite Dominique Dawes support of Gabby, she's hating this. Dominique Dawes has been revered since 1992 for being the most highly accomplished black gymnast of all time. And she has made a career out of riding that fame train. LOL please listen to her voice on this. What is she even talking about?

I would love to see Aly Raisman and Aliya Mustafina medal tomorrow. I don't like Viktoria Komova or Gabby, simply because of their huge egos and unsportsmanlike attitudes. Many people call Gabby's demeanor"bubbly"; I call it arrogant. There's a difference. When Team USA won the gold last night, Gabby reacted by acting standoffish and refusing to pose with the rest of the team, instead wandering off alone to wave to the crowd. In one instance Kyla Ross had to call Gabby's name several times, and practically drag her over to the rest of the team. When interviewed after her teammate Jordyn had just failed to qualify to the All-Around final, Gabby responded by saying "We all have to learn to deal with disappointments." Seriously? I would love to see GABBY "deal with disappointment" if she had been the one not to to qualify. And Jordyn handled it with plenty of class anyway! Totally unnecessary comment.

Komova is the other gymnast who's ego is almost the size of Gabby's..........almost. When Jordyn Wieber beat her out for the all around title at last year's worlds, she reacted like this.

However, I will be realistic and admit that with all the judges love for Gabby and Komova, they are sure to go 1-2 if they hit. Gabby is due to headcase though, so we shall see;)


  1. Looks like we see now! Go gabby!

    1. Yes, Gabby delivered and was the best on that day.

  2. Dawes needs to get over herself. I think shes really mad because. Gabby won aa gold and she didn't and her fame train is comming to an end, and gabby's is just beginning! I'm proud of gabby she earned it.