Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Men's Olympic All Around Final: Live Blogging

-Orozco and Leyva started and floor, and rocked through their routines. Only issues were form in the air and hops on landings.
-Pom didn't go so well for the two US men; Orozco looked tired throughout, and I think I saw him bump his legs on the horse a few times. When he came to his dismount, he stopped on the way up to his handstand, and barely struggled it up.
-Leyva's pom was better than John Orozco's, but he struggled his dismount as well. Next up, the US men are on rings.
-Standings so far:

-Orozco and Leyva both perform well on rings, and Orozco manages to outscore his teammate. However, his disaster on the pommel horse is still dragging him down to 20th place, and Leyva is ranked 15th at the halfway point.

-On vault Leyva pulls his best score of the day, a 15.566.
-Great Britain's Thomas Kristian just sat his vault.
-Orozco's vault earns him a very good 15.9, but could have been higher if his hands hadn't landed on the very front of the table. It looked like he almost missed them! So he didn't have much height in the air.

-Great p bars from Leyva; his dad is jumping up and down.
-Orozco 15.2something on p bars. Uchimura meanwhile maintains his lead with a nailed high bar set and stuck dismount!

-The Americans are up next on high bar to finish off. Leyva drew to go last, so his score could be huge if he hits. He's got a real chance for bronze. I love Orozco but I honestly wonder how he beat Leyva at nationals??
-Orozco had a good high bar but his total just couldn't recover from his mistakes on pom. I'm hoping the national champ will be back for Rio:)

A disappointing day for Orozco, but a great day for his teammate Danell Leyva who finishes with the bronze! The US men's first medal in gymnastics at these games!

-And Uchimura, silver medalist in 2008, wins it all this time as predicted.

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