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Crazy Judges at the Olympics

First of all, why is Nellie Kim here? She should not be allowed to set foot in the arena, much less serve on the International Olympic Committee, FIG, or anything else. And yet there she was as the head D score judge. If you're wondering what she did, she admitted to cheating while judging the 1992 Olympics. Among other things, she awarded Svetlana Boginskaya's bars with a perfect 10.

Um, are the vault judges BLIND?! Apparently so, because McKayla Maroney's perfect vault during the team final was WORLDS better than any of Gabby's attempts. However, the judges scored Gabby's vault during the all around, on which she took several steps, within 3 tenths of McKayla's flawless one from TF. So in effect, if Gabby had stuck her vault the way McKayla stuck her, Gabby's vault would have received the same score as McKayla's highest scoring vault ever. RIDICULOUS.

To read more about the FUCKING CRAZY JUDGES, just go to gymtruthteller's site. I'm done.

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London 2012 Women's All Around Predictions

The fix is clearly in for a Gabby Douglas win, and you know despite Dominique Dawes support of Gabby, she's hating this. Dominique Dawes has been revered since 1992 for being the most highly accomplished black gymnast of all time. And she has made a career out of riding that fame train. LOL please listen to her voice on this. What is she even talking about?

I would love to see Aly Raisman and Aliya Mustafina medal tomorrow. I don't like Viktoria Komova or Gabby, simply because of their huge egos and unsportsmanlike attitudes. Many people call Gabby's demeanor"bubbly"; I call it arrogant. There's a difference. When Team USA won the gold last night, Gabby reacted by acting standoffish and refusing to pose with the rest of the team, instead wandering off alone to wave to the crowd. In one instance Kyla Ross had to call Gabby's name several times, and practically drag her over to the rest of the team. When interviewed after her teammate Jordyn had just failed to qualify to the All-Around final, Gabby responded by saying "We all have to learn to deal with disappointments." Seriously? I would love to see GABBY "deal with disappointment" if she had been the one not to to qualify. And Jordyn handled it with plenty of class anyway! Totally unnecessary comment.

Komova is the other gymnast who's ego is almost the size of Gabby's..........almost. When Jordyn Wieber beat her out for the all around title at last year's worlds, she reacted like this.

However, I will be realistic and admit that with all the judges love for Gabby and Komova, they are sure to go 1-2 if they hit. Gabby is due to headcase though, so we shall see;)

Men's Olympic All Around Final: Live Blogging

-Orozco and Leyva started and floor, and rocked through their routines. Only issues were form in the air and hops on landings.
-Pom didn't go so well for the two US men; Orozco looked tired throughout, and I think I saw him bump his legs on the horse a few times. When he came to his dismount, he stopped on the way up to his handstand, and barely struggled it up.
-Leyva's pom was better than John Orozco's, but he struggled his dismount as well. Next up, the US men are on rings.
-Standings so far:

-Orozco and Leyva both perform well on rings, and Orozco manages to outscore his teammate. However, his disaster on the pommel horse is still dragging him down to 20th place, and Leyva is ranked 15th at the halfway point.

-On vault Leyva pulls his best score of the day, a 15.566.
-Great Britain's Thomas Kristian just sat his vault.
-Orozco's vault earns him a very good 15.9, but could have been higher if his hands hadn't landed on the very front of the table. It looked like he almost missed them! So he didn't have much height in the air.

-Great p bars from Leyva; his dad is jumping up and down.
-Orozco 15.2something on p bars. Uchimura meanwhile maintains his lead with a nailed high bar set and stuck dismount!

-The Americans are up next on high bar to finish off. Leyva drew to go last, so his score could be huge if he hits. He's got a real chance for bronze. I love Orozco but I honestly wonder how he beat Leyva at nationals??
-Orozco had a good high bar but his total just couldn't recover from his mistakes on pom. I'm hoping the national champ will be back for Rio:)

A disappointing day for Orozco, but a great day for his teammate Danell Leyva who finishes with the bronze! The US men's first medal in gymnastics at these games!

-And Uchimura, silver medalist in 2008, wins it all this time as predicted.

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Here's a link to all the scores, rankings, and schedules for Olympics gymnastics. Results for every other sport can be found here as well:

The next event will be the men's team final, which streams live at 11:30. John Orozco and Danell Leyva start on floor, so don't forget to change the stream to each event as they rotate through, and watch the other competitors in the second window!

Personally I would love for John Orozco to win gold. Especially after the disappointing finish during team finals. However, if Japan's Uchimura hits it will go to him, and John's teammate Leyva will make some tough competition as well. I can't wait!

US Women Are First to Win Gold Since Magnificent 7

I have to admit I cried while watching Team USA celebrate after realizing they had done enough on their last rotation, the floor exercise, to take gold. The first two rotations were really tight, with Russia and the US going neck and neck. However, when the US and Russia, who were in the same rotation group, moves to beam things started going downhill for the Russian. One of their stars, 2010 AA world champ Aliya Mustafina, stumbled and nearly fell. Then Viktoria Komova, who took second AA at last year's world championships and was ranked first after Sunday's qualification round, landed her Patterson dismount with both feet completely off the mat. The Russians continued to struggle on floor, and counted two falls among other mistakes.

Meanwhile, the US girls were solid throughout. Their only errors were very small: slow beam series connections, (small) hops on landings, and slightly missed handstands on bars. By the time they got to floor they knew their usual routines would be enough to earn them first place, as Russia's chances were almost certainly gone after their mistakes on beam. Gabby was up first, and turned in a solid routine (although her choreography/artistry is definitely lacking.) Jordyn Wieber was up next, and rocked through one of the best routines of her life. You could see the determination and emotion in her face as she aimed for gold after very narrowly missing a spot in the All Around competition. But Aly Raisman got to perform very last, and turn in the winning routine just like Kerri Strug did on vault in 1996. Aly's eyes filled with tears as she left the floor, and the girls immediately formed a huddle with their coaches to celebrate. I hear John Geddert say something like "You girls get gold medals. I think it's real gold too!" LOL.

Romania performed solid and beautiful routines, but their lower D scores were only enough to earn them a consecutive bronze. Nadia Comaneci was in the arena watching every minute.

The Chinese looked to be in medal contention for a while, but faltered on beam and finished in what I'm sure was a disappointing fourth after the high of their first place win in 2008.

Montage of US women to come!

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John Orozco Sings Adele

John Orozco singing an Adele song. He said he was a little nervous because he wanted it to be "perfect." LOL

Now it's time for me to sleep so I can actually wake up on time for women's team finals!

Primetime Gymnastics Review: Mistakes Cost US Men a Medal, and Ukraine's False Victory

My thoughts while reviewing the team final play out again in primetime:

-Walking into the arena Orozco looked really nervous.
-Great floor from Leyva, now he sits under his towel
-Hollywood up next on floor, hops on two of his landing. Then he fell on on his triple:(
-Dalton lands the triple but hops.
-Jake Dalton has beautiful eyes.
-Team USA on to pom. The three up-three count format is crazy! So much pressure.
-Leyva falls completely off the horse, and then Orozco stops and puts his leg down I feel bad for them, they look sooooo tired.
-China doing great as well. Apparently pictures of their gold winning team from 2008 are displayed in gold plated frames.
-Amazing high bar from China's best bar worker. He start with a 17.9!
-Orozco just sat his vault after landing on the back of the board.
-Mikulak stepped completely off the vault mat.
-John crying.
-Now swimming is being interjected. So amazing how they let that guys girlfriend present his medal so he could propose!
-The CONTROVERSY: Uchimura was discredited for his dismount; therefore Great Britain was in second with Ukraine in third (China 1st). Uchimura's coach protested and now his score has been raised, putting Japan in second position with Ukraine falling off the podium.

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Men's Team Finals!

So the team finals start at 11:26 ET and I am sooooo wanting Team USA to take gold! I really love this group of guys almost more than the girls, they've had no drama and no ridiculous favoritism.

They are entering as the #1 qualifiers, and if they pull of this win it will be the first gold for USA Gymnastics' guys since 1984 (when the Soviets boycotted.) I swear if Orozco wins gold and cries I will cry too:) He sooooooooo deserves this. I love how he is humble about his success and honest about his rough childhood in the Bronx but not self-pitying.

The Team Rankings after Quals:

1. USA

Women's Prelims: Japan and Romania

-Huge mistake from Ponor on floor: one of her passes she bails and throws only a single full twisting tuck
-Great bars from Koko
-Iordache falls on floor, gets a 13.8
-Great stuck bars from Tanaka
-Great DTY from Ponor with a small hop
-Diana leads off for Romania on bars
-Tanaka doing her routine to Pink Panther!
-Koko just misses a top 8 spot
-Tanaka falls to her back on vault
-After Tanaka's disappointing fall Teramoto lands a nice DTY
-Aww the Singapore girl (first in the Olys ever) was so smiley after her bars
-Amazing triple twist beam dismount from Iordache; reminds me of the one Nastia Liukin used to do when she was young
-Ponor had some wobbles but she is one of the few who does ACTUAL CONNECTIONS

Women's Prelims: Russia and China

-Gorgeous amanar from Komova
-DTY from Mustafina.....I wonder if she will amanar later
-Wow how old is Oksana Chusovitina now? I can't believe she's still competing. Her beam was shaky but I can't wait to see vault
-China has been shaky
-Yao rolls backwards to attempt to cover up her fall on floor
-Russia getting close to US even without all their amanars. They're out for blood
-Great bars from Mustafina for 15.7, she and Komova both in bars final
-China continues to struggle, next girl up on vault lands on her face
-Several pauses from Musty on beam, but stays on and sticks double tuck dismount
-Very impressive beam from Komova, nails the Patterson. Can't believe the highly anticipated Wieber/Komova showdown won't happen
-Komova in first ahead of Raisman and Douglas
-Russia is trailing the US by only a point! (And they didn't even use all their amanars)

Go here for all the results from prelims (one session still to go):

Women's Prelims: SPOILERS

World champion Jordyn Wieber has failed to qualify for the all around finals. Such a shocking and disappointing way for the qualfication round to go:( Jordyn scored much better than a lot of girls but because of the 2 per country limit, Jordyn is not allowed to compete. So disappointing.

Gabby qualified for the AA as expected, but was actually beaten by Aly Raisman, who placed third at nationals and trials, and wasn't even expected to qualify at all. So far she's in the top spot........could Aly Raisman win it all?

Now with the Russians, Viktoria Komova has new blond hair, and got rid of her bangs. I think it looks so much prettier. 

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Not gymnastics related but........

True? False? John Orozco Adoption

By far, the #1 thing people search to find my blog is some variation of the words John Orozco and "adopted." Everyone including me has been wondering this, so I have decided to research it.

A quick scan of John's wikipedia page revealed nothing more than that he is "the child of Puerto Rican parents, William and Damaris Orozco. 

Here are pictures of his parents. Everyone who sees them on TV is confused because of how light they appear, while John is obviously black (and also hispanic?) I have read several articles about John and none of them mention anything about him being adopted. I suppose it's a mystery. I have heard of people ending up much darker than their parents though.

Here's a video about John Orozco growing up in the Bronx and struggling with bullies and poverty during his childhood. His story is really amazing and he deserves all the best. He's my favorite gymnast on the team and I wish him all the best in the finals!!

Women's Podium Training

This montage nicely sums up Team USA's (mostly) mistake-free training session. (Not mine)

I heard that Kyla had an uncharacteristic fall during her front tuck on beam. It was surprisingly difficult to find many videos though. Here's Gabby's beam:

The Best Olympic Leos of All Time! (and Worst)

A collection of the beautiful leos worn throughout the years in Olympic gymnastics competition:

The Magnificent Seven American flag leo

Nastia Liukin's specially made pink leotard for the All-Around in Beijing

The flame leo worn by the US women during some event finals in Beijing

Svetlana Khorkina's sparkly white leotard for the Sydney games

Jade Barbosa's stunningly colorful Olympic leo

AND the Worst:

The starfish boob

China's collar choking leos worn with sparkly pink hairclips

The sleeveless leo Khorina wore during the All-Around in Athens

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Kellog's Tour of Gymnastics Champions..........This Better Be Good

So I just caved in and payed $235 for my VIP ticket to the post-Olympic tour. You can order one here:

The following gymnasts are supposed to perform:

Nastia Liukin                                    
Jordyn Wieber
Gabby Douglas
McKayla Maroney
Alicia Sacramone
Kyla Ross
Aly Raisman
Chellsie Memmel
Elizabeth Price
Sabrina Vega
Rebecca Bross
Sarah Finnegan
Brenna Dowell

No Shawn or Anna Li???

And for the guys:

Jonathan Horton
John Orozco
Chris Brooks
Alex Buscaglia
Jake Dalton
Glenn Ishino
Steven Legendre
Alex Naddour
Paul Ruggeri
Brandon Wynn

My VIP ticket is supposed to include a front-row seat, an "exclusive gift item", access to a pre-show "Chalk Talk" with select athletes, and a meet&greet/autograph session.

There is a caveat: Due to athletes' schedules and personal commitments, the cast will vary from stop to stop.All I know is my stop is in Atlanta, GA and Nastia BETTER be there!!

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Hilarious Tweets: Shawn Johnson Edition

Oh, the things that come up when I type in "Shawn Johnson"

Shawn Johnson<3 (she's a girl if you didn't know)
Thank you for enlightening us.

Shawn Johnson blow me

Shawn Johnson gonna be on my hit list wen I get into Hollywood u seen how thick she is
Um what?

Nastua Lukin and Shawn Johnson from Beijing number 5... Not gonna lie I get hype watchin gymnastics lol
Not gonna lie you can't spell.

Am I too old/tall to date Shawn Johnson? I feel like she'd be into me.
Am I too young/short to date LeBron James? I feel like he'd be into me........

quiero ver a  johnson en Londres 2012 :(
Lo siento

I don't think you molesting Shawn Johnson in a store quite makes you shopping buddies.

I know for FACT that Shawn Johnson won a few medals last time
She did? Are you sure?

Shawn johnson aint no joke lolololol!
You are bipolar.

Gabby Douglas trains at Chow's. He's same person who trainedShawn Johnson. More than likely, I will be a fan of her next week.
Interesting logic.

Shawn johnson is busted

Shawn Johnson is fucking sexy and a gymnast 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 lol  mode
At least you're honest......

I basically already know how to do root canals. And how's your foot Shawn Johnson?
It's her knee...........

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Problems With Olympic Age Requiremnts

The current requirement that a gymnast must turn 16 in the Olympic year to compete is sooooo unfair. The harsh truth is that the group of 12-15 year old female gymnasts are the best in the world. Those gymnasts who happen to turn 16 in an Olympic year have a huge advantage, while other gymnasts who were born just a year too late are forced to wait until they are 19 years old for a chance to compete.

An example is Nastia Liukin. Her skills were already on par with the Olympic level athletes by the time she was 14, but she was forced to put her body through four extra years of pounding and injuries and was first eligible to compete at age 18. While she was fortunate to win the all-around gold medal, her triumph over all the other gymnasts showed that the entire field was at a somewhat lower level than if younger girls were allowed to compete. Nastia actually did harder skills in 2005 than when she won the Olympics in 2008.

Nastia's beam in 2005:

Note the bhs layout layout, and TRIPLE TWISTING dismount.

Nastia's beam in 2008:

Also consider the case of He Kexin. She was clearly not age eligible for the 2008 Olympics but competed anyway, and took away the gold from Nastia on bars. I will not dispute the fact the He was the best in world on bars at that time, but so was Nastia when she was the same age. However, she waited until she was old enough to compete and therefore wasn't able to win bars. If some underage gymnasts are going to compete regardless and take away medals from gymnasts who are age eligible, then the age requirement means nothing and should be discarded. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Favorite Tweets

Today's best gym tweets all in one spot:

How did I not know about  ?!?! Best day ever.... Someone please take me! Haha!!!

Just told the kid behind me if he kicks my chair one more time im going to kick him, his mom didn't even object...

Wishing our 5 amazing girls and coaches a safe trip to London... Can't wait to see you! Xo NL  

Did a ropes course thought it was gunna be a joke but it was a bit scary   

I am so over people watching at the airport as I sit waiting for a 5 hour delayed flight. No fun. Patience is a virtue!

Of course Dominique the brat is whining about something. I loved her as a gymnast but wow she gets on my nerves. 

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Don't forget to watch all my gymnastics videos and check back soon for more to come! Also make requests for a montage with your favorite gymnast or song!


Tidbits from Training Camp

Some behind the scenes photos of the team and alternates the Karolyi Ranch:

Looks they're having some sort of team dinner in this pic from Jordyn. See, Bela does let the girls eat! LOL

Kyla Ross has apparently been allowed to choose the tunes for training sessions.

View a slideshow of national champ Jordyn Wieber's send-off party to training camp. Judging from this and Aly's tweets saying she's packing for the Olympics, the girl will apparently travel directly from Karolyi's to London.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

He Kexin The Cheater

Courtesy of Daniel Poon:

This obviously proves without a shadow of a doubt that He Kexin was too young for the Olympics. Besides the fact that her age was listed in 2008 in official records as being 14, news agencies would not make the mistake of publishing the exact same incorrect birthdate for He Kexin multiple times and in multiple publications. I am aghast that the International Olympic Committee continues to ignore this blatant evidence.

So with He Kexin entering her second Olympics, the controversy has once again been stirred. I for one would love to see He Kexin declared the cheater she is, and for China's gold medal to be stripped. Not because I have anything against China or even Kexin for that matter; I just hate cheating.

And here's why:

The age limit for gymnastics at the Olympic games is 16. Gymnasts who wait until they are old enough to compete probably reach their highest potential around age 14, and must wait at least two years to become age eligible for the Olympics. Many (such as Liukin) must wait four whole years. During this waiting period they really aren't learning any new skills but must put their bodies through years of extra pounding and stress that cheaters like He, who enter the Olympics as soon as they have all their skills and while their bodies are still fresh, never had to go through.

This is the reason I hate it when people say "Well if a 14 year old can beat an 18 year old who has even more experience, that 14 deserves the gold medal no matter her age!" WRONG!

People who have made comments saying they would not want the gold medal if they were in Nastia's position (beaten by an underage gymnast) because whoever does the best routine deserves it should remember this: If Nastia had been age eligible in 2004, or had cheated like He and entered the Olympics anyway, she would most likely have won gold on bars. Nastia was without a doubt the best bars worker in the world during that time. So I cannot imagine how painful it would be to be the best in the world but too young, and then have the gold snatched away from you by an ineligible cheater when you finally ARE old enough to legally compete.

Sure,  14 year old He's bar routine was the best in the world at the time, but so was 14 year old Nastia's routine. Nastia just didn't cheat like He.

I have to say that I do not blame He Kexin for the cheating. While I feel 100% certain that He Kexin was too young and cheated in order to participate in the Olympics, I am sure it was not her personal decision. Shame on China for placing underage members on both the 2000 (which was stripped of its bronze medal) and 2008 Olympic gymnastics teams.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Here's a montage I just made of basically what happened to Rebecca which culminated in her disastrous finish to her 2012 season.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Interview at Oprah's House Made Me MAD!

Since I've been on vacation I decided to double-post tonight! So as you may know Oprah held a massive Olympian special-type interview filming recently, which will air on July 22nd. This is basically a rant about things about this particular Oprah episode that make me fume! And this episode has yet to air, at which point I'm sure I will find plenty more;)

ANYWAYS, here are the things: First of all, WTF is Mary Lou Retton wearing!? You would think she would bother to get a stylist or at least a second opinion (because I don't know what sane person would approve of her dressing like this) when she's about to be on an episode of Oprah to be viewed by millions of people! But apparently she didn't. I don't care how many gold medals you have, this is an embarrassment.

Mary Lou Retton chose a zebra print jacket with blue trim to match the blue ribbon on her medal!

Second thing that bothers me is the presence of Shawn Johnson. Not that I have anything against her, but there are a lot of athletes here including two all-around champions for women's gymnastics, but it's like nothing important can ever happen without the presence of the great Shawn Johnson! (sarcasm) Shawn was lucky she got that gold on beam, seeing as how Nastia had been outscoring her there throughout the games. But now Shawn, who got silver to Nastia's gold in AA, and 2 apparatus medals to Nastia's 3, is hailed as if she herself were the all-around champ instead of Nastia. Whatever, I am hoping that Oprah had the decency to invite Nastia and Nastia was simply unable to attend, but I have a feeling that wasn't the case. Which makes me fume. I swear anyone who is less than an obsessed fan is led to believe that Shawn won the all-around gold. 

Oprah cozies up to Shawn and other gymnasts............

......while reigning Olympic champion Nastia gets no love.

The last thing that bothered me was Nadia Comaneci's twitter leading up to and after the interview taping. She made her invitation to be on Oprah's special sound like an encounter with some kind of majestic royal deity. In my opinion Nadia Comaneci is a much bigger star than this greedy exploiter and I didn't understand all the Oprah worship coming from her twitter. I really don't get all the Oprah-worship in general. Whatever. Good for Nadia at least for being humble about things. 

Nadia was thrilled to be at Oprah's "spectacular place."

Uhm why did this happen? LOL looks like they're about to jump in that bed and go at it! Maybe Nadia just felt really compelled to take a picture in every spectacular room of Oprah's spectacular house (sarcasm). 

2012 Women's Gymnastics: Olympic Lineup

So my predictions for the Olympic team were all correct except for Nastia, who was on my list but couldn't get her bars together in time for trials; and Kyla, who made the team I think mostly because she filled the bars hole (and also can be used on any event if necessary.) Now I would like to make my predictions about who will compete what.

All-Around: In the 4 up 3 count format used for prelims, Martha will only have enough spots for 3 gymnasts to try to qualify for all-around since McKayla Maroney has to vault to qualify for the event final. However; team USA has 4 strong all-around gymnasts (everyone but McKayla.) My guess is that Kyla will be left out of the all-around party, although she has a gorgeous artistic "international" look and I believe has the potential to outscore Aly and maybe even Gabby. But they have consistently outscored her in the U.S.


Vault: Jordyn, Gabby, McKayla.

Bars: Jordyn, Kyla, Gabby.

Beam: Kyla, Jordyn, Aly

Floor: Gabby, Aly, Jordyn

There are a couple of problems with this: The first is the fact that although Aly was ranked first on both beam and floor at trials and nationals, she is not expected to be well received by the international judges. She struggles with foot form, split requirements in her jumps (which is such a problem that I expect the Olympic judges to downgrade some of her difficulty), and general artistry. She scores well in the U.S. because of her huge power, but she will be up against gymnasts at the Olympic who can do everything she can do, and can do it a lot prettier.

The other problem with the line up, which is not as big as the Aly problem but still troublesome, is Gabby's floor. It scores great here in the U.S. but the choreography is very NCAA. If Kyla could upgrade I think she could be used instead, but I doubt she will so close to the Olys.

Last thing, I would like to predict who has good chances for the event finals. I have not been keeping up with the other teams I have to admit, and I have several competitions to watch so I can catch up, but I can tell you that McKayla Maroney still has the best vaults in the world. If she hits those vaults (and I've never seen her miss), that gold medal is hers. I think Gabby has a great shot on bars, not for gold but at least for a medal, and Kyla or Aly could possibly qualify on beam. I also think Jordyn could get a medal on floor. I don't think anyone will medal in or even qualify for three event finals like Nastia did (exept mayyyyybe Jordyn if she gets her beam together), but USA should have a good showing throughout.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nastia Liukin Deserves More

I was going to title this post "Why Does Shawn Johnson Get All the Attention?" but I did not want to make I did not want this to be one more hit when someone types in "Shawn Johnson is the best gymnast in the world" or some such NONSENSE!

I will be the first to say that Shawn Johnson is amazing. She achieved great accomplishments and done things most people never will and deserves to be rewarded. However, her rewards have been disproportionate compared to the amount of rewards other gymnasts have received, such as the other, bigger star of the '08 games Nastia Liukin. For example, Shawn has many more sponsors and promotional partners than Nastia, and seems to get more opportunities than Nastia, like Oprah (with Mary Lou and Nadia, both AA gold medalists-Nastia is the other and I assume wasn't invited.), and dancing with the stars.

I know life will not always be fair, but this thing with Nastia and Shawn just bothers me. I swear everyone in the world from my Grandma to the little kids in the gym believe that Shawn won the All-Around gold.

Why does everyone love Shawn so much more than Nastia? Okay, so Shawn smiles and waves to the camera during her competitions. What is more impressive, looking cute for the camera or being an Olympic Champion? Nastia needed to focus to win that gold medal, she couldn't be hamming it up for the cameras every second!

Maybe people assume Shawn is better because she has that short, stocky, stereotypical gymnast body and she is a "power gymnast." What does that even mean? Do people think Nastia's marathon bar routine and her front handspring-double front on floor, and her QUAD TWISTING BACK LAYOUT (never competed  but landed several times in training) don't take any power????!! People always sum up that all-around comp in Beijing with "artistry beat power." NO. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Nastia did not win because the judges preferred artistry over power. She won because she has BOTH, while Shawn is more of a one-trick pony. She throws huge skills, but that's about all she can do. Nastia's average D scores are comparative to Shawn's, but she makes the skills look fluid and effortless, which is what gave her that edge in Beijing.

Another thing I can't stand is when people argue about who should have won the all-around. Many people say Shawn was the best and the judges were "unfair." Um, people! Nastia qualified for (and medaled in) 3 apparatus finals, while Shawn only qualified for two! That CLEARLY makes Nastia the better all-around gymnast!

I don't want anyone to think I hate Shawn Johnson because I truly don't. I just hate seeing Nastia get so overlooked while Shawn the attention hog gets more and more of it.

Yes, I'm mad. lol

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The WOGA Disaster!

Before I write this I want to say that I am definitely a fan of Rebecca Bross and Nastia Liukin, WOGA' s two seniors who made it to trials this quad.

However, this quad ended in a disaster for both. Nastia started out in Terin Humphrey's current spot on Martha's selection committee. Rebecca Bross started out this quad as perhaps the most promising young gymnast in the U.S. She was winning almost every meet, and looked like a sure shot for London 2012. Nastia started a comeback in 2011 but didn't compete until the Secret Classic where she only did beam. She added bars at Nationals where she had form breaks and did single layout flyaway dismounts. Then at trials she sat down her double tuck dismount night 1, and fell on her geinger night 2. Bross tore everything in her knee at the 2011 National championships and had to stop competing vault and floor. She fell on her Patterson (double arabian) dismount all but two times during the Classics, Nationals and trials, and fell 3 times during her bar routine on night 2, stopping before she got to her dismount. Needless to say, neither girl made the Olympic team even as an alternate.

I AM SHOCKED! Not that they didn't make the team, but that something like this happened to WOGA! They just simply fell apart at the end. I can't believe Nastia went out and competed those bar routines knowing she couldn't make it through. Nothing against her but honestly how did she think she would make the team if she couldn't even do the one event she was really needed for? Why did Valeri allow this? I also can't help but wonder if some of the problems with Rebecca were caused by the fact that she was being trained by Valeri while he was also training Nastia for the exact same spot: beam and bars specialist.

I feel bad for both girls involved in this mess, but especially Bross. Nastia is already Olympic Champion and has huge endorsements; plus her family is rich from the gyms. However, Bross went pro very early in her career and now she will probably never make an Olympics. She can't do NCAA, she I am wondering what will be next for her. And her family has spent so much money and moved all the way to Texas for this.

The Rebecca and Nastia weren't the only WOGA girls having a disaster this year: the other senior Grace McLoughlin failed to even make the national team. Junior Katelyn Ohashi fell at nationals but still made the junior team. Pretty bad year for WOGA unfortunately.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Here is a video of the most gorgeous Olympic stars of gymnastics!

2012 Olympic Trials THOUGHTS

Alright so there is one thing that bothers me: there are 6 men's gymnastics events and only 5 men can even be named to the team! Seems a little ridiculous especially seeing as how gym is such a popular sport, and the team sizes for most other sports are a lot bigger.

Sorry the only men I really knew of were Danell Leyva, John Orozco (MY FAVORITE) and Jonathan Horton. Oh yes and Jake from Oklahoma! Nadia and Bart must be proud:) And then one other guy who made the team, I cannot remember his name? I was a little surprised with Steven Legendre only being alternate.

Okay for the women I think we all guessed it: Wieber (robbed), Douglas, Maroney, Ross, and Raisman. I hope they get gold, but I just have a strange feeling something will go wrong. I swear if Martha Karolyi screws this up a fourth time.............

Watching fell off bars and landed flat on her stomach (why didn't daddy catch her on that Geinger!?), she nailed her beam routine. She did take out her switch ring and just did a plain switch leap at the end. But I was very glad that she made her final routine and seeing her wave to the crowd made me cry:(

Of the girls who were named to the team, Aly looked the most emotional, sobbing with her hand over her mouth. She does such a good job staying calm and composed and hitting all of her routines four for four; it was like everything she had been holding in for so long finally showed.  I was very happy for Price being named and alternate; it was more than either she or her coaches expected. And with Martha's record as far as injury goes, I am thinking this girl just might be competing in London.

I was disappointed about Nastia, WOGA was just a disaster tonight! I think she should go for another World Championships; she is only 2 medals away from having the most ever.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Live Blogging Men's Olympic Trials

-There's no way Orozco and Leyva won't make it.
-Why did Tim say the scores from nationals carry over to the trials??
-Is John Orozco adopted? Anyway it was very sweet that he worked at the gym and then gave his parents the money he earned to pay the mortgage. Soooooooo sad but I'm glad he is probably going to the Olympics and getting out of poverty.
-Jonathan Horton in third. I hope he makes it back to the Olympics! I think he's the only gymnast from '08 going for London 2012.
-Andrea says Jonathan got all the guys to wear the same uniform so they can show unity and be a "proud team."
-Impressive skills but Bart Conner was better and also hotter than all these guys. And remember his press to handstand with both his hands on one of the parallel bars? They don't do stuff like that anymore.
-Good pom routine from Sam, except for one very struggled handstand
-Steve's triple back dismount is amazing! Remember when they very badly edited Jordyn Randall doing a triple back dismount off uneven bars for Make It Or Break It? Haha #notpossible
Tim: "This kid, I don't know how he does this, he's just got special ninja powers" Okay Tim.
-Tim just said Jake's fall from the horse "doesn't mean anything" WRONG if someone gets hurt they might have to use him! So while he's not planning on competing horse, he may end up having to, so it still factors in a bit.
-Leyva was absolutely hilarious sitting completely under his towel.
-I DO NOT understand this new scoring system. If someone does a practically flawless routine they usually receive AT LEAST 8 tenths in deductions! WTF! In the old scoring system, a routine like that would get only one or two tenths off.
-Mistake from Horton on high bar kills his score. I hope he still makes the team! His flips are amazing.
-I cannot wait to see who makes this team!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Most Useful Gymnasts

Based on the Secret Classic, Visa Champs, and tonight's competition, I have made a list of the 3 most useful gymnasts in my opinion on each event, keeping in mind the way international judges usually score. I know only 5 can make the team, but these are IMO the 3 most useful on each event:

Vault: McKayla Maroney, Elizabeth Price, Jordyn Wieber

Bars: Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross, Anna Li

Beam: Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, Sarah Finnegan

Floor: Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber

AA: Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas

I am predicting only one of Finnegan or Ross makes it, and only one of Maroney or Price makes it. Jordyn, Aly, and Gabby are locks. Li's bars is great, but only being good for that one event Marta won't take her.

Olympic Trials Women Night 1 Results

Gymnast: V, UB, BB, FX, AA (In order of Olympic chances, IN MY OPINION)

Jordyn Wieber: 15.9, 15.35, 15.05, 15.4, 61.7

Gabby Douglas: 15.8, 15.25, 14.9, 15.45, 61.4

Aly Raisman: 15.55, 14.2, 14.95, 15.6, 60.3

Elizabeth Price: 16.05, 14.5, 14.15, 14.9, 59.6

Kyla Ross: 14.5, 15.5, 14.9, 14.5, 59.4

McKayla Maroney: 16.1, 13.35, 13.65, 15.2, 58.3

Nastia Liukin: _, 14.5, 14.15, _

Anna Li: _, 15.5, 13.1, _

Sarah Finnegan: 15, 14.4. 15.1, 14.55, 59.05

Sacramone: 15.7, _, 15, _

Rebecca Bross: _, 15.3, 12.05, _

Brenna Dowell: 14.9, 14.25, 14, 14.1, 57.25

Sabrina Vega: 14.25, 13.15, 14.25, 14.35, 56

Kennedy Baker: 14.65, 13.9, 13, 14.6, 56.15

*Bridget Sloan withdrew from the Trials with a shoulder injury

U.S. Olympic Trials: Quick Recap Night 1

-Nastia bent her knees to avoid a fall on bars, and then sat down a double front dismt for a 14.05
-Jordyn Wieber in first with Gabby trailing by 3 tenths, and Aly in third with a 60.3 for third. I think these three are still locks for the team.
-As usual McKayla had the best individual score of the night with a 16.1 for her Amanar on vault, but she was otherwise shaky, with a fall on both beam and bars. Her mistakes have opened the door for Elizabeth Price, another great vaulter, to possibly make the team.
-Bridget Sloan fell on a release while training bars a little before the competition started, and ended up at the hospital with an injured elbow. She withdrew from the trials.
-Kyla Ross did well tonight with the exception of a few missed beam connections. This didn't hurt her much though because I don't think anyone had a clean beam routine tonight! Wobbles and missed connections were all over the place.
-Rebecca only scored a 15.3 for her bars, and then fell on the Patterson. Sad to see a gymnast who started out as the star of this quad fizzle out after that terrible vault injury at the 2010 Visa Champs.

No other major suprises. I can't wait to see if Nastia finally hits a bar routine (tomorrow night will be her last chance), and to see what Elizabeth Price will do. She actually has a real shot at the team right now.

Olympic Trials TONIGHT! OMG

The Olympic trials start tonight and I will be LIVE TWEETING here:

I cannot wait for this! Unfortunately I may have a conflict on Sunday for the finals because I am going to the Braves, but hopefully I will be home in time to watch live. Maybe someone can post it on youtube (doubtful) or send it to me????

Anyway, here are a few more thoughts about what I've seen from podium training and my predictions:

-First off, I think there are a few people who should even be here. The obvious team is Wieber, Maroney, Douglas, Ross, and Raisman. Nastia, Anna Li, or Rebecca could possibly throw a wrench into things if their bars are SPECTACULAR, and Alicia I think has a it of a shot as well. Other than them though and mayyyybe Finnegan, nobody else here in my opinion has any chance at the team SO WHY ARE THEY HERE??? I don't know why USA Gymnastics felt the need to invite the ENTIRE national team but whatever.

-Nastia's bars looks fine in podium training, she has made it through whole routines with the dismount. Daddy's helping a lot on the pak and Geinger though, so I still think Nastia's bars could go either way.

-I don't know what Sloan is thinking. Her start values are very low and I honestly don't think she has a shot. How is she thinking she's going to make this team??

-Li's bars are looking exceptionally good in podium training but I doubt she'll make it. Her execution is not consistent.

-Bross's Patterson looks good! Seems like she has worked through the issues in the two weeks following Visas. Valeri has obviously had a plan and I have funny feeling that she miigghht just slip in there and make the team.

SWIMMING TRIALS are also tonight, starting at 7:00 ET on NBC! I will be watching this as well to see the hot Phelps and Lochte. Then WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS TRIALS NIGHT 1 starts at 9:00!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 US Olympic Trials! THOUGHTS

Alright so I am sitting here watching these podium training vids, and Jordyn looks as solid as ever. Besides, she could fall on her ass and still make the team I think. I saw John making her do situps during Kyla's floor; I hope she doesn't push too hard and then not be 100% for the Olympics.

Rebecca Bross hasn't gone for a dismount, but the rest of her beam looks solid as usual. Can't wait to see how her dismount goes. She is the same old Rebecca on bars, but I have noticed she starts turning her pirouettes before she hits the handstand, is that a deduction? Nastia's beam looks fine, her double and a half layout off actually looks better than it has lately. She also did a few very high dismounts on bars that looked great, I just hope she can hold it together for the rest of her routine so she's not too tired to do it!

Kyla looks good on bars and beam as well, and her floor is pretty, although only a 5.5 D score. She and Nastia are the ones I think are really on the fence of making it or not. Things could go either way, but I am rooting for both!

After missing half of nationals after she crashed on a triple full on floor in training, McKayla's beam and bars look fine. The only event she really wows on though is vault, and I'm wondering whether that will be enough to get her onto the team. We shall see.

Marta BETTER NOT put Alicia Sacramone on this team! Her beam looks pretty average and I feel that with so many Amanars we don't need her vault. She's certainly not in contention for an individual medal. And is she doing floor or not? I also just watched Bridget's beam and there's no chance she makes this team. Not that there's anything wrong with her routines, there's just nothing we particularly need her for.

Aly's routines are difficult but I don't think the international judges will like her look. I think the only way she will win any individual medals is if someone else messes up. It will be interesting to see whether Martha lets her go for the all-around.

More later.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gym Body Part 2: Height

So tallness is obviously considered a very bad thing for a gymnast most of the time. I am 5'3 now, and during gymnastics both during my older and younger years I was always criticized for being too tall, legs being too long, etcetera. I actually started believing that I was tall even just for an average person!

However, a few gymnasts have busted through this stereotype, especially Nastia Liukin and Svetlana Khorkina.


At the time of the Beijing Olympics, Nastia was 5'3, and I think the tallest on the team. While small people like Shawn Johnson and the Chinese were very successful, Nastia beat them all! Being small and compact is obviously an aid, and Nastia did have to take out her double layout flyaway and make other adjustments because of her height, but it is amazing that someone her height was able to win gold in the AA and beat even the tiniest girls. 


Khorkina is even more amazing. She was 5'5 when she placed second in the AA at Athens in the 2004. So obviously you don't have to be extra short to compete successfully.

While Liukin and Khorkina obviously learned their difficult skills while their bodies were smaller, the fact that they were still able to perform so well and be competitive with midgets like Carly and Shawn is amazing and proves that when it comes to gymnastics, height is not everything. What do you think?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gym Body Debate Part 1: Puberty

My observations and also personal thoughts on some heavily debated issues regarding the ideal gymnastics body.

The first thing I want to talk about is the ridiculous idea many people have that the onset of puberty ends or at least lessens a gymnast's chances of success. I personally was told at the age of 14 by my coach that another girl deserved to be on a higher level than me because she hadn't started puberty. Let me say that I think anyone with common sense can agree that surplus body fat and sometimes extra inches of height negatively impact performance. But a healthy gymnastics body weight can most certainly be maintained by someone past puberty with the proper training and nutrition. Granted a favorable BMI is much more easily achieved and maintained in prepubescent gymnasts, but just look at Nadia Comaneci and Svetlana Khorkina. Comaneci peaked at her first Olympics well before puberty, while Khorkina did not achieve her greatest success until much later. Two of the greatest gymnasts of all time who had their highest achievements at dramatically different stages in their physical development.
 Comaneci, age 14, All-Around Gold 1976.
Khorkina, age 25, All-Around Silver 2004.

At 25, Khorkina was obviously well past puberty during the 2004 Olympics. It's very disappointing that so many coaches senselessly give up on girls and make them feel worthless as soon as they even start to approach it. This is not to say that the typical weight gain experienced by most teens during puberty should be allowed to occur. But for a seriously training gymnast this should not even be a concern. The rigorous physical activity should be enough to keep a gymnast's BMI down while she continues to grow and build muscle. 

Another example of a very successful but very obviously post-pubescent gymnast is Alicia Sacramone. Please look at her boobs for goodness sake and then tell me that no one past puberty can succeed in gymnastics. 

Yet another example that puberty does not have to mean an end to gymnastics success is 27 year old Beth Tweddle, who has a very likely shot of making the British team for London 2012.
The 27 year old Tweddle performs her world-class uneven bars routine.

My list of very successful and capable post-pubescent modern-day gymnasts could go on. The point I want to make is that a gymnast's success is determined by how well she maintains her BMI through training and nutrition rather than by her stage of development.